Yamaha CBX-D3 MIDI Audio System Digital Recording Hard-Disk MADE IN JAPAN

Yamaha CBX-D3 MIDI Audio System Digital Recording Hard-Disk MADE IN JAPAN

Hersteller Yamaha

Artikel-Nr.: SW10015

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Yamaha 125th Anniversary 



Serial Nr.: LN01063




Professional Digital Audio

Full support for all four common sampling frequencies, including 48kHz (professional DAT level) and 44.1 kHz (standard CDs). Uses 16-bit oversampling.

Multiple tracks

Each CBXD3 unit offers simultaneous 2-track recording and 4-track replay. By connecting two CBXD3 units into a single system, you can add up to eight professional-quality tracks to your MIDI sequencer software.

Platform independent

Operates under Windows, Macintosh, and Atari environments, allowing easy transfer of data from one platform to another. Connects to computer and hard disk via SCSI and MIDI.

Standard File Format

The CBXD3 uses the same file format as the host computer. You are free to use virtually any software you like to edit, copy, delete, or otherwise manage your data.

Local CPU

The CBXD3's local CPU takes care of all internal processing and disk access, leaving your computer free to run the audio program at full speed. You can get great performance even from mid-range computers.

Custom Support

At least three of the most popular MIDI sequencer programs provide built-in CBXD3 support: * Steinburg Cubase Audio (Windows), * EMAGIC LOGIC AUDIO (Macintosh), * OPCODE Studio Vision Pro (Macintosh).

Compact Design

Slim black case and attractive panel. Weight is only 6.8 lbs (3.1kg). The CBXD3 fits into 1U of rack space with room to spare. Mounting brackets are included.


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Data Format 16-bit PCM (playback of 8-bit format is also supported)
Channels 4-channel system: 2-channel recording (max) 4-channel playback (max) (simultaneous recording/playback is supported)
Sampling frequencies 22.05 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (Supports simultaneous playback of files recorded at different sampling frequencies)
File formats Monaural, 2-channel interleave, 4-channel interleave
A/D Converter 16-bit linear (delta sigma modulation)
D/A Converter 18-bit oversampling (delta sigma modulation)
Digital Out S/P DIF Channel 1 and 3 mixed and output as "L" Channel 2 and 4 mixed and output as "R"
Connectors MIC 1,2: (1/4" phone jack) (x2) PHONES: (1/4" stereo phone jack) (x1) ANALOG IN 1,2 (line): (1/4" phone jack) (x2) ANALOG OUT 1,2,3,4: (1/4" phone jack) (x4) DIGITAL OUT: (RCA phono jack) (x1) MIDI IN / OUT: (5-PIN DIN) (x2) SCSI: (50-pin Amphenol) (x2) (ANSI x 3.131-1986)
Dimensions 1U rack size: 480mm (W) x 45mm (H) x 284mm (D) [18.9" x 1.8" x 11.2"] (Width figure includes rack mounting brackets; depth figure includes control knobs)
Weight 3.1 kg [6.8 lbs] (excluding AC adapter)

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