Produkte von GLX

GLX Bass Overdrive Effektpedal Gitarren...

Bass Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal A warm overdrive bass sound or high gain fuzz? It’s all possible mit this dual overdrive circuitry pedal.

29,50 € *

GLX Chorus Effektpedal Gitarren Effekt Pedal...

Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal Extensive controls und a stereo output enable you to create a wide range of spacious Chorus sounds.

53,60 € *

GLX Soft Distortion Effektpedal Gitarren...

Soft Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal The SD-100 Soft Distortion pedal offers a warm und Soft distortion sound mit long sustain.

52,80 € *

GLX Heavy Metal Effektpedal Gitarren Effekt...

Heavy Metal Guitar Effects Pedal GLX quality for the tight and fat overdrive sound The HM-100 offers the most versatile distortion mit Endless sustain und huge mid und low.

49,50 € *


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